Honda EU30is vs Honda EU32is Inverter Generators

Honda EU30is

Higher Running Power

Larger Fuel Tank

DC outlet available

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Honda EU32is

Lighter & Smaller

Longer Run Time

Lower Noise Level

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Portable generators provide power in a pinch and have multiple benefits in different situations – camping, power blackouts, or for running tools on job sites. But picking the right one can be tricky; you need to find a generator that suits your power needs, doesn’t create ear-splitting noise and fits your budget.

In this article, we’ll be comparing two models: the Honda EU30is and Honda EU32is inverter generators. Both generators have key selling points according to the brand; the EU30is is lightweight with an eco-throttle and electric start, while the EU32is is touted as the world’s lightest generator and comes with smartphone app compatibility. We’ll look at performance, fuel usage, physical specs, features, noise levels and more so you can decide which model suits your needs best.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): The running power indicates how much continuous power your generator can output. The Honda EU30is has a running wattage of 2800W while the Honda EU32is offers 2600W. This slight difference could matter depending on what you’re using the generator for; both models can comfortably power a large air conditioning unit (2000 W) or an air compressor (2200 W).

Starting Power (W): Here we see the highest amount of power provided briefly when starting devices that need a higher initial burst of power. The EU30is can reach 3000W while the more compact EU32is can hit 3200W. Again this is a small difference but worth considering if your appliances require a higher start-up energy.

Engine type: Both models have OHV engines which are compact and efficient, leading to good fuel efficiency and power output. The EU30is comes with a 196cc engine while the EU32is has a smaller 130cc engine.

Rated Output (kVA): The apparent power or kVA of the EU30is is rated at 2.8, slightly higher than the 2.6 rated for the EU32is. This indicates that the EU30is might be more suited to equipment that pulls more current.

Inverter: Both these generators come with inverter technology which not only makes them quieter but also means they can provide cleaner power for sensitive electronics such as laptops.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both models run on Petrol.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The Honda EU30is has quite a large fuel tank with 13L capacity, while EU32is is much smaller at just 4.7L. The larger fuel tank will mean fewer refills, but also adds to the weight of the model.

Run Time: Despite its smaller fuel tank, the EU32is outperforms the EU30is in terms of run time offering 8.6 hours at a quarter load compared to 7.1 hours from the bigger model.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: Here we have a big difference: 59kg for the EU30is vs only 26.5kg for the lighter EU32is, which will make quite a significant difference when it comes to portability and transport.

Size: Thanks largely to its lighter weight and smaller engine, the dimensions of the EU32i are significantly smaller than that of the EU30i.

Wheels: Moving these units around could be made easier by adding wheels; however, it’s an optional extra for the Honda EU30is while they’re not available for the smaller model.

Outlets & Parallel Use

Both models have two AC outlets allowing you to plug in different appliances. However the EU30is has a significant advantage here with a 12A, 12V DC output – useful for charging batteries and running smaller appliances, while the EU32is surprisingly doesn’t have this feature.

Both devices can be used in parallel, providing the ability to double your power by connecting two identical models if needed.

Features & Usability

Both generators come with a good range of features. The EU30is has an electric start system as well as recoil for backup; whereas the EU32is only has recoil which can require more physical effort. The smaller model however does have fuel gauge not present in its counterpart. Both devices also come with an oil alert system to warn you when oil levels are low to prevent damage to the engine. They also feature overload protection as a safety measure.

Noise Level

The Honda EU30is operates at a relatively low noise level between 52-65dBA, quite similar to average conversation volume; while the Honda EU32is operates at significantly higher at 91dBA, which can be compared to city traffic or a blender running.

Honda EU30is vs Honda EU32is Comparison Table

FeatureHonda EU30isHonda EU32is
Warranty4 Years4 Years
Engine Type196cc, OHV, 4-Stroke130cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Air CooledYY
Running watts2800 W2600 W
Max / Starting watts3000 W3200 W
Voltage (AC)240 V240 V
DC Output12V / 12AN/A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)2.82.6
Fuel Tank Capacity13 L4.7 L
Run time (Hours)7.1 at 1/4 load8.6 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)5926.5
Size (L x W x H)658 x 558 x 447 cm571 x 452 x 306 cm
Number of AC Outlets22
DC Outlets12A, 12V DCN/A
Parallel useYY
Starter SystemElectric & RecoilRecoil
Fuel gaugeNY
Oil alertYY
Noise Level (dBA)52-6591


In summary, both these generators are quality products suited for different usage scenarios. The larger Honda EU30is offers more power and a bigger tank but at increased weight and size, it might suit someone who needs this unit for a stationary purpose rather than frequently moving around. The smaller and lighter EU32is could be ideal for someone needing less power but high portability. Always remember to check what you need and choose accordingly.