Engel R2500IS vs Honda EU32is Inverter Generators

Engel R2500IS

More affordable

Quieter operation

Lighter weight

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Honda EU32is

Higher starting power

Longer runtime

Smartphone app

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Portable generators are handy tools to have around. They can provide power in a variety of settings, such as camping trips or during power outages at home. However, figuring out the right size you need, finding one that isn’t too loud, and considering your budget can be challenging. Today, we’ll compare two models: the Engel R2500IS and Honda EU32is.

The Engel R2500IS is marketed as an affordable option with a four-year warranty and extensive service network. The Honda EU32is claims to be the world’s lightest and comes with a smartphone app for convenience. We’ll look at various specifications and features such as performance power, fuel usage, physical dimensions, outlets availability, usability features, noise level and more. The aim is to help you decide which model is best suited to your needs.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): Engel R2500IS: 2500W vs Honda EU32is: 2600W. This is the amount of continuous power a generator can provide. Both these generators could power large appliances such as an Air Conditioning Unit (2000 W) or an Air Compressor (2200 W). With only a 100W difference in running power, the impact on what you could power will be minimal.

Starting Power (W): Engel R2500IS: 2500W vs Honda EU32is: 3200W. The Honda EU32is delivers significant additional starting watts which could handle devices with motors better than the Engel R2500IS.

Engine type: Engel R2500IS: 122cc vs Honda EU32is: 130cc OHV (Overhead Valve). OHV engines often lead to better fuel efficiency, longer engine lifespan, and improved power output translating into potential cost savings and durability.

Rated Output (kVA): Engel R2500IS: 2.5 vs Honda EU32is: 2.6. Both generators score closely on rated output with the Honda having a slight edge which might be beneficial if your devices pull more current.

Inverter: Both generators have inverter technology, ensuring cleaner power production which is crucial if you plan to power sensitive electronics like laptops and also provides for quieter functioning and better fuel efficiency.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both models use petrol.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Engel R2500IS: 4.5L vs Honda EU32is: 4.7L. Despite the slightly larger tank, actual run times will vary based on the usage and load placed on the generator.

Run Time: Engel R2500IS: 3hrs (full load) vs Honda EU32is: 8.6 hrs at 1/4 load. If you mostly need your generator for brief or medium periods, either model could suffice but if you prefer an extended run time without frequent refuelling then the Honda EU32is is a better option.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: Engel R2500IS: 23.5kg vs Honda EU32is: 26.5kg. The Engel R2500IS might be easier to move around due to its lesser weight compared to the Honda EU32is.

Size: The size of these two models are quite distinct with Honda EU32is being larger which would require more storage space and possibly more effort to transport.

Wheels: Unfortunately, neither model includes wheels, potentially making movement harder for users especially considering their weight.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets: Engel R2500IS has one AC outlet while Honda EU32is has two, letting you power up more devices at once with the latter.

DC Outlets: Engel R2500IS includes USB 1A 5V, 2.1A 5V outlets for smaller appliances while Honda EU32is does not specify this feature.

Parallel Use: Both the Engel R2500IS and Honda EU32is allow parallel use enabling you to double your power by connecting two of the same units, useful for more demanding tasks. Note, you need to check if the generators come with accessories for this use.

Features & Usability

Key features and differences between Engel R2500IS vs Honda EU32is include:

  • Both models use recoil start system for operation.
  • Both feature a fuel gauge helping with fuel level monitoring but only Honda EU32is offers oil alert.
  • Indicators: Engel R2500IS provides frequency and voltage indicators while Honda EU32is offers indicator data via an app.
  • Safe operation is ensured by overload protection in Engel R2500IS and AC circuit protection in Honda EU32is.

Noise Level

Noise Level: Engel R2500IS: 68dBA at 7m vs Honda EU32is: 91dBA. The Engel R2500IS comfortably scores better in noise levels than Honda EU32is, offering a quieter operation similar to a normal conversation (60-70 dBA) as opposed to the latter’s loudness equal to heavy city traffic (85 dBA).

Engel R2500IS vs Honda EU32is Comparison Table

FeatureEngel R2500ISHonda EU32is
Warranty4 Years4 Years
Engine Type122 cc130cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Air CooledN/AY
Running watts2500 W2600 W
Max / Starting watts2500 W3200 W
Voltage (AC)240 V240 V
DC OutputUSB 1A 5V, 2.1A 5VN/A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)2.52.6
Fuel Tank Capacity4.5 L4.7 L
Run time (Hours)3h (full load)8.6 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)23.526.5
Size (L x W x H)52 x 32 x 46 cm571 x 452 x 306 cm
Number of AC Outlets1 x 15 amp2
DC OutletsUSB 1A 5V, 2.1A 5VN/A
Parallel useYY
Starter SystemRecoil StartRecoil
Fuel gaugeYY
Oil alertN/AY
Noise Level (dBA)68 at 7m91


In conclusion, the Engel R2500IS shines as an affordable quieter performer with lower weight making it potentially better if low noise levels, easier portability and saving on costs are your main considerations. Meanwhile the Honda EU32is stands out with its higher starting power and longer runtime making it potentially ideal for extended uses or powering devices with larger motors.

Your final decision between these two will be based on what matters most to you: power, weight, fuel efficiency, runtime or other additional features.