Engel R2000IS vs Honda EU32is Inverter Generators

Engel R2000IS

More affordable

Lighter weight

Quieter operation

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Honda EU32is

Greater power output

Smartphone app functionality

Superior starting power

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Portable generators are useful for a variety of applications. Whether you’re going camping, need backup power for your home, or have a small event that needs some extra energy, these devices can truly save the day. But choosing one is not always easy. You need to consider its size, noise level, and most importantly, whether or not it fits your budget.

Today we are comparing two models – The Engel R2000IS and the Honda EU32is. These are both inverter generators, meaning they can deliver pure and clean power suitable for sensitive devices.

Both come with their own selling points according to the brand. For Engel R2000IS, it’s affordability, long warranty period of 4 years, and extensive service network are the highlights. The Honda EU32is claims to be the world’s lightest generator of its kind and comes with added convenience through a smartphone app.

Performance & Power

Running Power:
The Engel R2000IS provides running power of 2000 Watts while the Honda EU32is offers 2600 Watts. This indicates how much continuous power a generator can provide. For example, both generators could power large air conditioning units which typically require around 2000W.

Starting Power:
Engel R2000IS has 2000W starting power whilst Honda EU32is peaks at 3200W This means that for instance any device spot-welding or using an air compressor may need more startup power – here’s where Honda might edge over Engel.

Engine type:
Engel’s engine is a single-cylinder 4-stroke that is air-cooled. The Honda generator uses a slightly larger 130cc OHV (Overhead Valve) engine that is also a 4-stroke and air-cooled.

Rated Output:
The Engel R2000IS has a rated output of 1.9 kVA while the Honda EU32is offers 2.6 kVA. In simple terms, this means that appliances requiring more current may perform better with the Honda EU32is.

Both Engel R2000IS and Honda EU32is have inverter technology, ensuring clean power suitable for sensitive electronics.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type:
Both generators use petrol.

Fuel Tank Capacity:
Engel can hold slightly more fuel with a tank capacity of 4.8 L compared to the 4.7L in the Honda model, meaning slightly less frequent refills.

Run Time:
With full load, the Engel R2000IS runs for 4.5 hours and with half-load – about 7 hours. However, the Honda EU32is, when running at a quarter load, can operate up to 8.6 hours – useful for extended use situations.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight:
Honda is heavier at 26.5 kilograms whereas the Engel generator weighs only 22 kilograms. The lighter weight may make Engel a bit more mobile.

Comparing size, Engel’s dimensions are larger than those of the Honda generator.

Neither of these two models comes with wheels.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets:
There’s one 15-amp outlet on the Engel model while the Honda model features two outlets giving you versatility to power more devices simultaneously.

DC Outlets:
The Engel has a USB output ideal for charging small accessories while there are no DC outlets specified for the Honda model.

Parallel Use:
Both generators allow parallel usage meaning you can link two of these same models for double power output – a great feature when needing more power.

Features & Usability

Both units have a recoil start system. The fuel tank of both models comes with a gauge to monitor fuel levels. Honda’s unit has an oil alert system but there’s no such feature mentioned for Engel. Indicator functionality varies between the two generators – Engel offers direct feedback through frequency and voltage indicators while Honda makes use of a smartphone app for real-time information.

Noise Level

Noise Level:
The level of operating noise at 7 metres from the generators are 68 dBA for Engel and a much louder 91 decibels for the Honda model.

Engel R2000IS vs Honda EU32is Comparison Table

FeatureEngel R2000ISHonda EU32is
Warranty4 Years4 Years
Engine TypeSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled130cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Air CooledYY
Running watts2000 W2600 W
Max / Starting watts2000 W3200 W
Voltage (AC)240 V240 V
DC OutputUSB 1A 5VN/A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)1.92.6
Fuel Tank Capacity4.8 L4.7 L
Run time (Hours)4.5h (full load), 7h (50% load)8.6 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)2226.5
Size (L x W x H)49.8 x 31.2 x 46.7 cm571 x 452 x 306 cm
Number of AC Outlets1 x 15 amp2
DC OutletsUSB 1A 5VN/A
Parallel useYY
Starter SystemRecoil StartRecoil
Fuel gaugeYY
Oil alertN/AY
Noise Level (dBA)68 at 7m91


In summary, both products have their unique advantages based on power output, size, noise level and other features. Engel R2000IS with its affordability, lighter weight, and quieter operation might suit someone who values peace and ease of portability. However, if you need superior power output and the convenience of using a smartphone application for monitoring, the Honda EU32is could be your suitable companion.