DeWalt DXIG3600E vs Hyundai HY3200SEi Inverter Generators

DeWalt DXIG3600E

Higher starting power

Longer run time

Electric Key Start system

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Hyundai HY3200SEi

More compact

Quieter operation

Bigger engine size

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Large portable generators come in handy in various situations. Whether you need home backup during a power outage, run multiple tools on a construction site, support an outdoor event or industrial machinery, or drive a food truck or coffee van, a portable generator adds value. Yet, choosing the appropriate generator can be quite challenging considering the size, noise levels and budget involved.

In this comparison, we tackle two models, the DeWalt DXIG3600E and the Hyundai HY3200SEi inverter generators. We will analyse their performance, power output, fuel efficiency among other features to assist you in making an informed decision regarding their suitability for your needs.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W):
Both the DeWalt DXIG3600E and the Hyundai HY3200SEi generate a similar running power of 3200W. This is essentially the amount of continuous power that each model provides. It is important to ensure your devices’ running watts do not exceed this number. For example, both generators could efficiently run a water heater or an industrial vacuum which consume about 3000W.

Starting Power (W)
While they both have identical running powers at 3200W, the DeWalt goes a notch higher bursting up to 3600W when starting. Such a boost proves vital for devices that need a short but high burst of watts during startup.

Engine type:
The DeWalt DXIG3600E houses a smaller 121cc OHV engine compared to the larger 210cc OHV engine in the Hyundai HY3200SEi. The Overhead Valve (OHV) engines are compact and durable designs known for better fuel efficiency, long lifespans and improved power output.

Rated Output (kVA):
The Hyundai HY3200SEi holds the edge in this case, having a higher generator apparent power, at 4kVA. Apparent power combines the real power, measured in watts, and reactive power. Some equipment may pull more current hence needing a machine with a higher kVA rating than you would estimate from wattage alone.

Inverter technology:
Both generators come with inverter technology. This equates to the generator producing cleaner power essential for sensitive electronics like laptops whilst being quieter and fuel-efficient.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type:
Topped with petrol, both models run smoothly ensuring operations continue unhampered.

Fuel Tank Capacity:
The DeWalt DXIG3600E has a larger fuel tank capacity at 9L compared to the 7.8L capacity of the Hyundai HY3200SEi model. This translates to longer run times between refuelling though it slightly weighs more and could be larger.

Run Time:
On a quarter load, the DeWalt DXIG3600E will run for up to 8 hours while the Hyundai HY3200SEi will give up to 6 hours of performance at half load. Longer run time reduces frequent refuelling thus convenient during extended use. However, shorter run times would suit brief activities where you plan on using the generator for only short periods.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight :
Weighing in at 43kg DeWalt DXIG3600E is somewhat heavier than the Hyundai HY3200SEi which stands at 35kg which could affect its portability. Lighter models are certainly easier to move albeit they usually sacrifice features such as fuel tank size or power output.

In terms of dimensions, DeWalt (64 x 39 x 45 cm) would take up more space than Hyundai (40 x 40 x 56 cm) thus gypping on storage and transportation convenience.

The DeWalt DXIG3600E features wheels, enhancing its portability. This could be an advantage considering its heavier weight compared to the Hyundai model for which wheeling features have not been specified.

Outlets & Parallel Use

Things get interesting on the AC outlets front with both generators featuring two outlets thereby powering more devices at once. DC outputs on the DeWalt DXIG3600E model include 12V and dual USBs, ideal for charging smaller appliances like phones or LED lights. Hyundai does not specify these features.

Whether or not the units can perform in parallel remains unspecified, however, it’s an essential feature. It allows you to connect two identical models to significantly boost your power output, essential during bigger tasks.

Features & Usability

The DeWalt boasts an Electric Key Start / Recoil starter system, a distinct advantage over Hyundai which utilizes a Recoil/Electric/Remote system. This is because electric starters are generally easier than manual recoil systems which can take significant effort and multiple tries to start up larger engines, especially in cold weather.

A useful LED indicator for fuel and power status is included in the DeWalt model, while Hyundai comes with a digital display instead. Further safety measures include a low Oil Auto Shut Off system in place for DeWalt while Hyundai has a digital overload protection and low oil shutdown system.
The specifics of extra features like Brushless Alternator, Spark arrestor and Accessories included remain unspecified in both products.

Noise Level

Respective noise levels stand at approximately 63dBA for DeWalt and 54-59dBA for Hyundai at quarter loads. This matters since it’s important to understand how noisy these generators will be during operation. To put it into perspective, operating a vacuum cleaner usually hits around 75dBA while a normal conversation is held at around 60-70dBA.

DeWalt DXIG3600E vs Hyundai HY3200SEi Comparison Table

FeatureDeWalt DXIG3600EHyundai HY3200SEi
Warranty3 Years1 Year
Engine Type121cc OHV210 cc, OHV
Air CooledNot specifiedY
Running watts3200 W3200 W
Max / Starting watts3600 W3200 W
Voltage (AC)240 V230 V
DC Output12V, Dual USBNot specified
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)Not specified4
Fuel Tank Capacity9 L7.8 L
Run time (Hours)86 hours at 50% load
Dry Weight (Kg)4335
Size (L x W x H)64 x 39 x 45 cm40 x 40 x 56 cm
WheelsYNot specified
Number of AC Outlets2 x 240V/15A IP442
DC Outlets12V, 2x USB1x 12V
Parallel useNot specifiedNot specified
Starter SystemElectric Key Start / RecoilRecoil/Electric/Remote
Fuel gaugeLED IndicatorNot specified
Oil alertYNot specified
Noise Level (dBA)6354-59


In summary, the DeWalt DXIG3600E would work best if you’re looking for more start-up power, longer run time, and additional features like an Electric Key Start and LED indicators. On the other hand, Hyundai HY3200SEi excels in being more compact and quieter despite delivering similar performance in terms of running power. Your choice between the two models will ultimately rely on your priorities. Be it power, size, fuel efficiency or extra features, both generators provide viable options.