DeWalt DXIG2200 vs Honda EU22is Inverter Generators

DeWalt DXIG2200

Longer run time

Quieter operation

Larger fuel tank

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Honda EU22is

More powerful engine

Additional AC outlets

Allows Parallel Use

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A generator can be a great back-up for when the power goes out, and it also comes in handy for camping trips or working on a remote site. Buying the right generator can be a challenge. There are plenty of things to consider such as size, noise level, and of course, price.

One popular choice is an inverter generator. Here, we’re comparing two models: the DeWalt DXIG2200 and the Honda EU22is. They both have special features that might make them more attractive depending on your needs.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): Both the DeWalt DXIG2200 and Honda EU22is offer a running power of 1800W. “This is the amount of continuous power a generator can provide.” Keep in mind that your devices’ total running watts shouldn’t exceed this number. For example, these generators could power a space heater (1500 W) and an Electric Grill (1650 W).

Starting Power (W): Both generators also come with 2200 starting watts. “Some devices, especially ones with motors, need a burst of power when they start.”

Engine type: The DeWalt DXIG2200 has a 79cc OHV engine, while the Honda EU22is features a larger 121cc OHV engine. OHV stands for “Overhead Valve”, which offers better fuel efficiency, increased engine lifespan and improved power output.

Rated Output (kVA): The rated output for Honda EU22is is given as 1.8kVA; however, this specification has not been provided for DeWalt DXIG2200.

Inverter: Both generators use inverter technology, which means they produce cleaner power suited for sensitive electronics like laptops and tend to be quieter and more fuel-efficient.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both the DeWalt DXIG2200 and Honda EU22is run on petrol. The type of fuel may have an impact on your running costs, power output and availability of fuel.

Fuel Tank Capacity: DeWalt DXIG2200 has a larger fuel tank (4.5L) compared to the Honda EU22is (3.6L). A larger tank means more run time between refills but results in a larger and heavier generator.

Run Time: DeWalt DXIG2200 boasts an 8-hour runtime at 1/4 load, significantly longer than the Honda EU22is with just 3 hours at 1/4 load.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: The DeWalt DXIG2200 weighs in at 21.9 kg, while Honda EU22is is slightly lighter at 21.1 kg. A lighter generator is easier to move, though trade-offs may occur in other areas like power output or fuel tank size.

Size: In terms of size, the Honda EU22is takes up less space with dimensions of 50.9 x 29 x 42.5 cm compared to the mildly larger DeWalt DXIG2200 at 51 x 45 x 30 cm.

Wheels: Neither model offers wheels for transport, which could be a disadvantage when moving around these generators.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets: Both models offer AC outlets letting you plug in appliances and devices requiring alternating current but differ in number; the DeWalt DXIG2200 comes with one outlet while the Honda EU22is offers two.

DC Outlets: For charging smaller appliances or batteries, DC outlets come into play. The DeWalt DXIG2200 features a Dual USB port offering two connections while the Honda EU22is has a single DC outlet.

Parallel Use: The Honda EU22is allows parallel use, meaning you could potentially double your power output by connecting two of the same model; this information hasn’t been provided for the DeWalt DXIG2200.

Features & Usability

The DeWalt DXIG2200 comes equipped with an LED fuel indicator and low oil auto shutoff. However, it lacks a recoil starter system, a feature that the Honda EU22is includes.

Noise Level

While considering noise levels, DeWalt DXIG2200 operates at a quiet 55dBA compared to Honda EU22is’s considerably louder 89dBA.

DeWalt DXIG2200 vs Honda EU22is Comparison Table

FeatureDeWalt DXIG2200Honda EU22is
Warranty3 Years4 Years
Engine Type79cc OHV121cc, OHV, 4-stroke
Air CooledNot specifiedY
Running watts1800 W1800 W
Max / Starting watts2200 W2200 W
Voltage (AC)240 V240 V
DC Output12V, Dual USB12V / 8.3A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)Not specified1.8
Fuel Tank Capacity4.5 L3.6 L
Run time (Hours)83 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)21.921.1
Size (L x W x H)51 x 45 x 30 cm50.9 x 29 x 42.5 cm
Number of AC Outlets1 x 240V/15A IP442
DC Outlets12V, 2x USB1x 12V
Parallel useNot specifiedY
Starter SystemRecoilRecoil
Fuel gaugeLED IndicatorN
Oil alertYY
Noise Level (dBA)5589


Depending on your needs either generator could be ideal. The DeWalt DXIG2200 offers longer run time, lower noise level and larger fuel tank making it suitable for more sustained use in residential areas. On the other hand, the Honda EU22is possesses more power due to its bigger engine and has additional AC outlets as well as enabling Parallel Use, making it better suited for power-demanding applications like on job sites or larger campsites.