Cromtech TG7000iE vs Honda EU70is Inverter Generators

Cromtech TG7000iE

Higher running power

Larger fuel tank

Longer run time

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Honda EU70is

Lighter unit

More compact

Overload protection feature

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If you’re someone who may need a large portable generator for high-powered activities like home backup during power outages, running multiple tools on construction sites, supporting food trucks or coffee vans, or outdoor events and industrial machinery, you could face challenges in finding the right one. This is because the size, noise level and budget factors have to be carefully considered.

Let’s take a look at two models: the Cromtech TG7000iE and Honda EU70is. Cromtech markets the TG7000iE as a powerful yet quiet model with Bluetooth start and a 17-hour run time. The Honda EU70is boasts high output and fuel efficiency. By comparing their specifications and features, we aim to help you decide which model suits your needs best.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): Cromtech TG7000iE has 6000 watts running power while Honda EU70is offers 5500 watts. Running power refers to the continuous power a generator can provide, which is essential to make sure your devices won’t exceed its capacity. For example, each of these generators could easily power a water heater using 3000W or even handle heavier loads like a welder using 4000W.

Starting Power (W): Both generators peak at 7000 watts for starting power. Some devices require an initial burst of power when starting up; both these generators will handle that easily.

Engine type: The Cromtech model has an LC190FD-2 engine whereas the Honda has a 390cc, OHV, 4-stroke engine. An overhead valve (OHV) engine is compact and often leads to better fuel efficiency, longer lifespan and improved power output.

Rated Output (kVA): The rated output for Honda EU70is is at 5.5kVA, while this information is not specified for Cromtech TG7000iE. A larger kVA rating typically means that it can handle devices that pull a lot more current.

Inverter: Both generators have built-in inverter technology. This makes it possible to produce cleaner power, which is ideal for sensitive electronics like laptops. These types of generators are usually also quieter and more fuel-efficient.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both models use petrol.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The Cromtech model’s fuel tank can hold 25 litres of petrol whereas the Honda model has a capacity of 19.2 litres. A larger fuel tank often allows for longer running times, but it also means the generator will be heavier.

Run Time: The Cromtech model can run up to 17 hours while the Honda model can last longer at 18 hours, both assessed at a 1/4 load. This could mean less frequent refuelling but could also add weight to your decision if you only need to run the generator for a short duration.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: The Cromtech generator weighs slightly more at 130 kg compared to the Honda model which weighs 118 kg. The weight impacts portability— a lighter model might be easier to move around.

Size: The Cromtech model measures 95 x 76 x 77 cm whilst the Honda EU70is is smaller with dimensions of 84.8 x 70 x 72.1 cm. This could be important if storage space or ease of movement are considerations for you.

Wheels: Both models come with wheels that amplify convenience when moving the unit around.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets: The Cromtech has two AC outlets (15 AMP) and one that is 32 AMP, however, the Honda model has three AC outlets. More AC outlets mean you can power more devices at once.

DC Outlets: The Cromtech model offers a USB outlet with 5V – 2.1 AMP, while the Honda model does not specify DC outlets. Direct Current outlets are great for charging smaller devices like mobile phones or laptops.

Parallel Use: Neither product specifies whether they allow for parallel use. The ability to double your power output by connecting two of the same models could be useful for larger projects.

Features & Usability

Features: The Cromtech generator’s features include an interactive control panel, weatherproof outlets, and remote/electric/recoil starter system. It also comes with an oil alert. The Honda model includes overload protection and electric & recoil starter system, alongside an oil alert.

Noise Level

Noise Level: Both generators work within the 70-90 dBA range, comparable to city traffic levels or a food blender in terms of loudness.

Cromtech TG7000iE vs Honda EU70is Comparison Table

FeatureCromtech TG7000iEHonda EU70is
Warranty1 Years4 Years
Engine TypeLC190FD-2390cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Air CooledNot specifiedY
Running watts6000 W5500 W
Max / Starting watts7000 W7000 W
Voltage (AC)240 V240 V
DC Output5V – 2.1 AMPN/A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)Not specified5.5
Fuel Tank Capacity25 L19.2 L
Run time (Hours)Up to 1718 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)130118
Size (L x W x H)95 x 76 x 77 cm848 x 700 x 721 cm
Number of AC Outlets2 x 15 AMP, 1 x 32 AMP3
DC OutletsUSB 5V – 2.1 AMPN/A
Parallel useNot specifiedN/A
Starter SystemRemote / Electric / RecoilElectric & Recoil
Fuel gaugeVia mobile appY
Oil alertYY
Noise Level (dBA)70-9090


To sum up, the Cromtech TG7000iE might be the better choice if you require more running power and don’t mind a heavier unit with a larger fuel tank. It also brings convenience with its Bluetooth start function and longer run time of up to 17 hours.

On the other hand, the Honda EU70is is a lighter and more compact model that still provides significant running power together with features like overload protection. Remember, your choice between these two excellent generators will hinge on what factors are most important to you, such as size, running power or extra features.