Cromtech Outback 4.5kW vs Adventure Kings 3500iO Inverter Generators

Cromtech Outback 4.5kW Advantages

Powerful running power

Larger engine

Remote start feature

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Adventure Kings 3500iO Advantages

Larger fuel capacity

Quieter operation

Similar size

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Portable generators are handy tools. They can help keep the lights on during power outages. They can also run multiple tools in construction sites or even sustain a food truck’s needs. But choosing a suitable one may not always be easy, considering factors like size, noise, and of course, budget.

This article will compare two popular models: the Cromtech Outback 4.5kW and the Adventure Kings 3500iO based on their performance, specifications, features, and more. The goal is to help you decide which model fits your needs best.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): Cromtech Outback has a running power of 3700 watts, while Adventure Kings provides 3000 watts. Less power means you won’t be able to run as many appliances at the same time. For example, with the Cromtech model, you could run more extensive appliances like large freezers or washing machines.

Starting Power (W): Cromtech Outback peaks at 4500 watts compared to Adventure Kings’ 3300 watts. Higher starting power means you can run several devices that have high startup energy needs simultaneously.

Engine type: Both models operate using a similar engine type – an OHV kind with the Cromtech model offering a slightly bigger engine at 212 cc compared to Adventure Kings’ 208 cc.

Rated Output (kVA): For the rated output, only the Adventure Kings stated its kVA at three – it will comfortably allow equipment that pulls slightly higher current to run.

Inverter: Both models come with inverter technology ensuring they provide cleaner power vital for sensitive electronics.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both models use petrol as their primary fuel source.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The Adventure Kings holds more fuel with a 12-litre tank compared to the Cromtech’s 7 litres. This means less frequent refills, although it also may make it a bit heavier.

Run Time: Cromtech Outback runs anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on load, while Adventure Kings boasts a 5.5-hour runtime at full load. Longer run time means lower maintenance and less worrying about refilling, especially during extended outages.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: At 37.7 kilograms, the Cromtech model is slightly heavier than the Adventure Kings model, which weighs in at 30.5 kilograms.

Size: The Cromtech Outback measures at 58 x 45.3 x 48.1 cm, while the Adventure Kings comes in slightly smaller at 50 x 48 x 50 cm. Size might be important if storage is an issue.

Wheels: Only the Adventure Kings specifies that it does not come with wheels, meaning transporting it could be slightly more of a challenge.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets: Both models feature two AC outlets to plug appliances or tools anytime.

DC Outlets: Only the Cromtech Outback specified that it comes with USB and DC12V-8A outlets great for smaller devices like phones or laptops.

Parallel Use: Parallel use was only specified for the Adventure Kings product where it’s stated as not allowing parallel use.

Features & Usability

Features: Some key user-friendly features of both models vary greatly. For example:

Cromtech’s model offers a remote-starting system amongst electric and recoil options, whereas Adventure Kings only offers a recoil starter system.
The Cromtech device features a digital display indicator providing real-time information while the Adventure Kings uses an overload indicator light.
Additionally, Cromtech has an oil alert feature for added engine protection.
The Cromtech model includes a spark plug and dust cover in its accessories.

Noise Level

Noise Level: The noise generated by the Cromtech Outback ranges from 55 to 60 dBA, which is similar to a conversation or the humming of a refrigerator. In contrast, the Adventure Kings produces between 66 to 74 dBA, making it comparable to city traffic or a vacuum cleaner.

Cromtech Outback 4.5kW vs Adventure Kings 3500iO Comparison Table

FeatureCromtech Outback 4.5kWAdventure Kings 3500iO
Warranty1 Years2 Years
Engine Type212 cc208 cc, 4-stroke, OHV
Air CooledNot specifiedY
Running watts3700 W3000 W
Max / Starting watts4500 W3300 W
Voltage (AC)230 V240 V
DC Output12V, 8.0AMPNot specified
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)Not specified3
Fuel Tank Capacity7 L12 L
Run time (Hours)Four to 12 hours (depends on load)5.5 (100% Load)
Dry Weight (Kg)37.730.5
Size (L x W x H)58 x 45.3 x 48.1 cm50 x 48 x 50 cm
WheelsNot specifiedN
Number of AC Outlets2 x outlets (15 AMP – IP44)2
DC OutletsUSB 5V – 2AMP, DC 12V – 8.0AMPNone
Parallel useNot specifiedN
Starter SystemRemote / Electric / RecoilRecoil
Fuel gaugeNot specifiedNot specified
Oil alertYNot specified
Noise Level (dBA)55-6066 (at idle), 74 (2KW load)


In summary, both portable generators offer unique advantages. The Cromtech Outback 4.5kW might be better for those who need more power, while the Adventure Kings 3500iO could be ideal for those who prefer something lighter and quieter. Remember, the right choice will depend on what your specific priorities are.