Cromtech Outback 2.4kW vs Honda EU30is Inverter Generators

The Cromtech Outback 2.4kW

More compact

Lighter weight

Extra USB ports

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The Honda EU30is

Larger fuel tank

Higher power output

Supports parallel use

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Portable generators can be lifesavers. They’re handy for camping trips, outdoor events, or to keep your household running during a power outage. But choosing the right one can be a challenge – you need the right size, noise level, and of course, the price has to fit your budget too.

Today we’ll compare two popular models: the Cromtech Outback 2.4kW inverter generator and the Honda EU30is inverter generator. We’ll consider things like power output, efficiency, physical specs, noise levels and more. Our aim is to help you decide which of these two models suits your needs best.

Performance & Power

Running Power (W): Cromtech Outback 2.4kW: 2100 W, Honda EU30is: 2800 W.
Running power tells how much continuous power a generator provides. This needs to match the total running watts of your devices. For instance, both generators can handle a large air conditioning unit (2000W), but the Honda can also cover a bit extra – it could also power an air compressor (2200W).

Starting Power (W): Cromtech Outback 2.4kW: 2400 W, Honda EU30is: 3000 W.
Starting power is crucial for certain tools that require extra power at start-up. The Honda has a higher starting power than the Cromtech; hence it will handle such devices better.

Engine type: Cromtech Outback 2.4kW uses a 79cc OHV engine while Honda EU30is employs a 196cc OHV engine. Having an OHV (Overhead Valve) design means both have durable engines with better fuel efficiency and improved power output.

Inverter: Both generators use inverter technology, producing cleaner power essential for sensitive electronics like laptops and are generally quieter and more fuel-efficient.

Fuel & Run Time

Fuel Type: Both Cromtech Outback 2.4kW and Honda EU30is use petrol.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Cromtech Outback 2.4kW has a 5.0L tank while the Honda EU30is has a bigger 13L fuel tank. The larger tank on the Honda can extend run times between refills but makes it heavier.

Run Time: Cromtech can run between 5 to 20 hours, while the Honda runs for approximately 7.1 hours at a quarter load. Increased run time means less frequent refuelling.

Physical Specs

Dry Weight: Cromtech Outback 2.4kW: 19.8kg, Honda EU30is: 59 kg.
Cromtech’s weight makes it more portable than the heavier Honda generator.

Size: The compact size of the Cromtech (51.2 x 31.5 x 44.7 cm) against the larger Honda (65.8 x 55.8 x 44.7 cm) could be beneficial for storage and transportation.

Wheels: Only the Honda EU30is offers optional wheels to help move it around.

Outlets & Parallel Use

AC Outlets: Both machines come with two single-phase AC outlets.

DC Outlets: The Cromtech has two USB ports along with a 12V-8A outlet, whereas Honda possesses only a 12A, 12V DC outlet.The additional USB ports on Cromtech can provide extra convenience for charging small devices.

Parallel Use: Only the Honda EU30is supports parallel operation to double power output by connecting another unit of the same model. This could be handy when you need more power.

Features & Usability

Features: Both generators include a recoil start system, an oil alert to prevent engine damage, and indicators providing real-time information. The Honda EU30is also features overload protection.

Noise Level

Noise Level: Cromtech Outback 2.4kW: 52-64dBA, Honda EU30is: 52-65dBA. The noise levels are quite similar, hovering around the range of conversation volume to slightly louder than a vacuum cleaner.

Cromtech Outback 2.4kW vs Honda EU30is Comparison Table

FeatureCromtech Outback 2.4kWHonda EU30is
Warranty2 Years4 Years
Engine Type79cc, OHV, 4-Stroke196cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Air CooledYY
Running watts2100 W2800 W
Max / Starting watts2400 W3000 W
Voltage (AC)230 V240 V
DC Output12V-8A12V / 12A
AC Frequency (Hz)5050
Rated Output (kVA)Not specified2.8
Fuel Tank Capacity5.0L L13 L
Run time (Hours)5 to 20hr7.1 at 1/4 load
Dry Weight (Kg)19.8kg59
Size (L x W x H)51.2 x 31.5 x 44.7 cm658 x 558 x 447 cm
Number of AC Outlets2x Single Phase2
DC Outlets2x USB, 1x 12V12A, 12V DC
Parallel useNot specifiedY
Starter SystemRecoilElectric & Recoil
Fuel gaugeNot specifiedN
Oil alertYY
Noise Level (dBA)52-59 db at 7m eco mode no load
60-64 db @ 7m continuous rated output


Choosing between these two generators depends on what matters most to you. The Cromtech is lighter and smaller for easy transport and storage, plus extra USB ports come in handy for charging devices. However, Honda’s larger fuel tank, higher power capacity and overload protection make it well-suited for higher demands or continuous use.