BLUETTI AC200P vs AC200MAX Portable Power Stations


Lightweight and powerful

Ample power capacity



Higher wattage output

Faster charging times


Portable power stations are a fantastic investment for many reasons. They’re ideal for camping trips, providing a reliable source of power in the great outdoors. Additionally, they serve as an emergency backup during unexpected power outages.

However, selecting the right one can be a bit tricky. You might struggle with determining the battery capacity you need or understanding different types of battery technology such as Lithium-ion and LiFePO4.

In this article, we’ll delve into two popular models: the BLUETTI AC200P and the BLUETTI AC200MAX. We aim to compare these units in detail to assist you in choosing the best option that suits your needs perfectly. So let’s get started without any further ado.

Before diving in, we recommend you check out the helpful comparison table on the Bluetti website to get a feel for where these products sit in their line-up, particularly in relation to the models they have just recently released.

Battery Specs and Features

Battery Capacity (Wh): The BLUETTI AC200P has a capacity of 2000Wh, while the BLUETTI AC200MAX offers slightly more at 2,048Wh. This spec is vital as it indicates the energy storage capability of each device in watt-hours. A higher figure means you can power more devices for longer periods. For those with significant energy needs, a model with greater Wh would be beneficial.

Battery Type: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX utilise LiFePO4 batteries. This indicates that they’re designed for safety and longevity, making them ideal for regular use or important applications. The fact that neither model uses standard Lithium-ion batteries suggests a focus on durability over energy density.

Life Cycles: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models offer a similar battery life cycle, ranging from 3,500 to an 80% capacity reduction. This indicates that you can charge and discharge these batteries approximately 3,500 times before their capacity decreases to just 80% of their initial power. Given this feature, both models provide longevity in terms of usage before necessitating replacement – a factor that could prove cost-effective over time.

Expandable Capacity: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models offer this feature, allowing for an increase in total storage capacity. The AC200P model requires an optional External Battery Connection Cable to utilise this function. In contrast, the AC200MAX can reach up to a whopping 8,192Wh without needing any additional equipment. This difference could be significant depending on your specific power needs and accessibility to extra cables.

Power Output

AC Output (W): The BLUETTI AC200P and the AC200MAX models differ slightly in their maximum continuous power output. The former offers 2,000W while the latter provides a bit more at 2,200W.

This difference might seem minor but could be significant if you’re planning to run high-powered devices such as microwaves or power tools. In that case, the AC200MAX with its higher wattage rating would be your better bet.

Surge Power (W): Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models offer a surge power of 4,800W. This indicates that they can both handle high-power demands from devices during start-up, such as fridge compressors. There’s no discernible difference between the two in this regard.

Ports and Outlets

AC Outlets: The BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models differ in the number of outlets they offer. The former has 2, while the latter boasts double that with 4. This means you can power more devices at once with the AC200MAX.

Both models provide a voltage range between 220V-240V, which is standard for many appliances. However, it’s always wise to verify this against your specific device requirements to avoid any compatibility issues.

In summary, if you’re after more connectivity options, the AC200MAX would be your go-to choice due to its additional outlets. Yet both units deliver similar voltage outputs making them suitable for most common electrical devices.

USB-A Outlets: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models have 4 outlets, but they differ in their distribution. The AC200P model offers all its outlets at a power of 5V, 3A. This is ideal for charging low-power devices like smartphones or tablets.

On the other hand, the AC200MAX splits its outlets between two types: two are similar to those on the AC200P (5V, 3A), while the remaining two offer higher power at 18W. These latter ports would allow for quicker charging times and could handle more demanding devices.

In essence, both models provide versatile charging options with varying speeds depending on device requirements. However, if faster charge times or powering higher-demand devices

USB-C Outlets: The BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX both feature a single outlet, but differ in their maximum wattage. The AC200P maxes out at 60W, while the AC200MAX offers a higher capacity of 100W. This means that the latter can charge devices more rapidly.

Both models utilise USB-C, which is the current standard and allows for charging larger gadgets such as laptops along with smartphones. However, neither model provides multiple ports for simultaneous device charging.

DC5521 Outlets (5.5mm): Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models offer two 12V outlets. However, there’s a significant difference in amperage; the AC200P provides 3A while the AC200MAX delivers a more powerful 10A. This could be an important factor depending on your device requirements.

Other DC Outlets: The BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX both offer a car outlet and an RV outlet. This feature is particularly handy for those with devices that utilise car chargers or specialised plugs.

There’s no discernible difference between the two models in this regard, making them equally suitable if you require these specific outlets. So, if your gear relies on such connections, either model should serve you well.

Charging Options

AC Charging (W): Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models have a maximum power intake of 500W from a wall outlet. This indicates that they should charge at similar rates, given their equal wattage capacity. However, it’s important to consider this in relation to each unit’s total battery capacity for an accurate comparison.

DC / Car Charging: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models support 12V/24V from a cigarette lighter port. This indicates that both units can be charged from a car or other DC source, which is handy for road trips or situations where an AC outlet isn’t accessible. There’s no discernible difference between the two in this regard.

Solar Charging (W): The BLUETTI AC200P has a maximum wattage of 700W, while the AC200MAX can accept up to 900W. This difference indicates that the AC200MAX would charge faster from solar panels, making it potentially more efficient for off-grid or emergency use.

Maximum Input (W): The BLUETTI AC200P has a power capacity of 1200W, accepting both AC and solar input at the same time. On the other hand, the BLUETTI AC200MAX boasts a slightly higher wattage at 1400W, also accommodating simultaneous AC and solar charging.

This difference in power capacity means that the AC200MAX can potentially charge faster than its counterpart due to its ability to accept more energy from all sources combined. However, both models offer flexibility with their dual charging options.

Convenience Features

Wireless Charging Pad: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models offer a 2x 15W Max feature. This allows for wireless charging of smartphones or other devices, providing convenience despite not being essential for all users.

Smart App Control: The BLUETTI AC200MAX model offers the advantage of smartphone app control, a feature not present in the AC200P. This allows for easy monitoring and management of battery status and power input/output.

In terms of connectivity, the AC200MAX utilises both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect with its corresponding app. Unfortunately, this is another area where the AC200P falls short as it doesn’t offer any such functionality.


Warranty: Both the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX models come with a 4-year warranty. This suggests that the manufacturer has a fair bit of faith in these products’ durability and reliability. It’s always comforting to know you’re covered if something goes pear-shaped, but remember to have a squiz at the fine print just in case.

BLUETTI AC200P vs BLUETTI AC200MAX Comparison Table

Battery Capacity (Wh)2000Wh2,048Wh
Expandable CapacityYes, with optional External Battery Connection CableYes, up to 8,192Wh
Battery TypeLiFePO4LiFePO4
Life Cycles3,500 to 80%3,500 to 80%
AC Output (W)2,000W2,200W
Surge Power (W)4,800W4,800W
AC Outlets2 Outlets – 220V-240V4 Outlets – 220V-240V
USB-A Outlets4 Outlets – 5V, 3A4 (2 Outlets – 5V, 3A and 2 Outlets – 18W)
USB-C Outlets1 Outlet – 60W Max1 Outlet – 100W Max
DC5521 Outlets (5.5mm)2 Outlets – 12V, 3A2 Outlets – 12V, 10A
Other DC Outlets1x Car Outlet, 1x RV Outlet1x RV, 1x Car
Wireless Charging Pad2x 15W Max2x 15W Max
Solar Charging (W)700W Max900W Max
AC Charging (W)500W Max500W Max
DC / Car ChargingSupports 12/24V (8.5A Max)Supports 12/24V (8.5A Max)
Maximum Input (W)1200W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously1,400W, with AC+Solar Input
Weight (kg)27.5 kg28.1 kg
Dimensions (mm)420x280x387 mm420x280x387 mm
Warranty4 years4 years
Smart App ControlNoYes


In wrapping up, the BLUETTI AC200P and AC200MAX both offer impressive features, but they cater to slightly different needs. The AC200P is a solid choice for those seeking a lighter unit with ample power capacity. It’s also ideal if you’re not fussed about having app control or additional outlets.

On the flip side, the AC200MAX might be more appealing if you require higher wattage output and faster charging times. Its extra outlets and smartphone app control add convenience that could prove beneficial in managing your energy usage.

Both models are robust and reliable, making them suitable for various applications. However, it’s always best to consider your specific requirements before making a decision.


Lightweight and powerful

Ample power capacity



Higher wattage output

Faster charging times